A desktop backup program focusing on ease-of-use and simplicity, as well as quality, low resource usage, and performance.
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#[Copyright 2023 ITwrx.
This file is part of EZ-Bkup.
EZ-Bkup is released under the General Public License 3.0.
See COPYING or <https://www.gnu.org/licenses/> for details.]#
import logging, times, os
let appPath* = getHomeDir() & ".ez-bkup"
let databasePath* = appPath & "/ez-bkup.sqlite"
if not dirExists(appPath):
var logger = newFileLogger(appPath & "/errors.log")
let dt = now()
let nowDT* = dt.format("M-d-YYYY h:mm:ss tt")
proc writeErrorToLog*(logMsg: string) =
logger.log(lvlError, logMsg)
proc writeInfoToLog*(logMsg: string) =
logger.log(lvlInfo, logMsg)
proc hasCommas*(filename: string):bool =
',' in filename