A desktop backup program focusing on ease-of-use and simplicity, as well as quality, low resource usage, and performance.
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#[Copyright 2023 ITwrx.
This file is part of EZ-Bkup.
EZ-Bkup is released under the General Public License 3.0.
See COPYING or <https://www.gnu.org/licenses/> for details.]#
import owlkettle
import "models/routine", "shared"
import views/[edit_routine_dialog, routine_list, app_menu_button]
const APP_NAME = "EZ-Bkup"
viewable App:
## The main application
routineModel: RoutineModel ## The RoutineModel that stores all routines.
method view(app: AppState): Widget =
result = gui:
title = APP_NAME
defaultSize = (1024, 768)
iconName = "org.itwrx.EZ-Bkup"
HeaderBar {.addTitlebar.}:
Icon {.addLeft.}:
name = "ez_bkup"
pixelSize = 40
margin = 4
# Button to open the main menu
AppMenuButton {.addRight.}:
routineModel = app.routineModel
orient = OrientY
spacing = 6
#don't use available vertical space from parent. Only what's needed for children.
Box(orient = OrientX) {.expand: false.}:
text = "<span size=\"x-large\">Bkup Routines</span>"
xAlign = 0.05
useMarkup = true
#expand horizontally to push buttons to the right.
Box(orient = OrientX) {.expand: true.}
#expanding box containing buttons would fight the previous box for available horiz space placing buttons in the middle.
Box(orient = OrientX, spacing = 6, margin = 6) {.expand: false.}:
# Button to create a new routine
style = [ButtonSuggested]
text = "+ Routine"
tooltip = "Create a new Bkup Routine"
proc clicked() =
## Opens the EditRoutineDialog for creating a new routine
let (res, state) = app.open: gui:
EditRoutineDialog(mode = EditRoutineCreate)
if res.kind == DialogAccept:
# The "Create" button was clicked
# Main content of the window: Contains the list of all routines.
orient = OrientY
margin = 6
spacing = 12
routineModel = app.routineModel
when isMainModule:
# Entry point for the application.
# Loads the model from the database and starts the application.
#databasePath is coming from shared.nim
let model = newRoutineModel(databasePath)
#if running manually from src directory.
#brew("org.itwrx.EZ-Bkup", gui(App(routineModel = model)), darkTheme = true, icons=["icons/"], stylesheets=[loadStylesheet("styles.css")])
#if installed.
brew("org.itwrx.EZ-Bkup", gui(App(routineModel = model)), darkTheme = true, icons=["/usr/local/share/ez_bkup/icons/"], stylesheets=[loadStylesheet("/usr/local/share/ez_bkup/styles.css")])